Rollie Bollie Review

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Product Name : Rollie Bollie

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Rollie Bollie

EVERY MOTHER’S DREAM, Tired of cleaning after your kids when they have a snack? Pro Natural Shop just launched the Rollie Bollie. Fill this miracle bowl with milk, cereal, and veggies, or nuts and confidently hand it over to the little wobbly hands. There is absolutely no spill of the content no matter how the bowl is turned or played with. This spill proof bowl spares you from the chore of cleaning up a mess every time your little one eats. Made of BPA-free plastic, this baby feeding bowl is absolutely safe and does not break easily. Designed in a circular shape; it’s just like a toy for a kid. It’s perfect for when they’re enjoying their food, because they can play with the Rollie Bollie as well! It brings fun to your kids, and it makes sure mother’s don’t have to worry about any mess. Plus, we added three handles for easy carrying, and a lid to cover the food when it’s not in use.

What Exactly Is Rollie Bollie?

Rollie Bollie is honestly the best bowl ever created, because it makes it impossible to create any sort of a mess. I highly recommend this to every parent! It’s incredible how well this bowl works. You can literally be running around, and there is now way you can drop it and leave a mess. I always use it to eat in the car, whenever I hit traffic when I’m on my way to work. The Rollie Bollie is as the name suggests – a no-spill bowl that makes it easier for parents to get through their day without having to deal with this inconvenient and spills. The product was released by the Pro Natural Shop, a brand recognized for its unique and effective products that work well on a daily basis. With this bowl, parents can now feel confident and fearless of giving snacks to their kids in any space – the car, living room, bedroom, outdoors, and the like. Regardless of how much the kid move the bowl around, not a drop or crumb will fall.

Does Rollie Bollie Work?

Rollie Bollie device Most products on the market require you to do so many steps to use the product. WHAT SETS ROLLIE BOLLIE APART FROM ANY OTHER COMPETITORS ON THE MARKET.

  • 360 DEGREE ROTATING BOWL : The Rollie Bollie is an incredible plastic bowl attached to an outer layer ring, and attached again to another ring. It can rotate up to 360 degrees and the contents of the bowl will never spill. As the bowl spins, it will still be in an upright position so you do not have to worry about the contents. So, you can turn it in any way you want but you will never have any spills. Aside from food, you can also put whatever you want inside such as buttons and crafts, and any other item you can think of!
  • FEWER CLEAN-UPS: If you use this amazing bowl, you will have fewer cleanups when you feed your children. Aside from that, they also promise a cleaner, and safer home since everything that you put inside the bowl will never spill. You can leave your kids with their food without worrying that they might spill it accidentally – or intentionally. Furthermore, if you decide to put non-food contents in the bowl such as screws and nails, you are also left with no worries because you can store them without the danger of spilling them and your kids accidentally stepping on them.
  • WHY PURCHASE ROLLIE BOLLIE? This compact, portable, fun and unique no-spill design has been proven to be unbreakable – the Rollie Bollie is your answer to a mess free environment! It’s time to say goodbye to all of your other bowls, and say hello to Rollie Bollie!

  • USAGE: Suggested Use: Simply put in your food into the bowl, and let Rollie Bollie work it’s magic on keeping your food in the bowl without ever spilling!

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What Benefits You Learn From Rollie Bollie?

  • In the Rollie Bollie, We have created a device that NO SPILL – NO MESS Designed by a team of experts; the inner bowl rotates 360 degrees, which helps keep the open side always facing up to make sure there is no spill, and no mess!🙂
  • There are many benefits is using Rollie Bollie. COMPACT FRIENDLY, You can take Rollie Bollie with you anywhere! It’s ideal for kids to snack while traveling.
  • The guidelines simple instructions enlisted in the book are easy to follow and explained in a detailed manner that can be understood by a layman as well. They don’t take much time to follow, hardly a few minutes per day, and yet they have the potential to deliver results that last a lifetime.
  • This Rollie Bollie device DISHWASHER SAFE You can take apart the dishwasher safe Rollie Bollie, and reassemble for an easy clean.
  • This Rollie Bollie product is based on sound real experience stories that work for all kids.
  • This product,There is zero discomfort when using our amazing Rollie Bollie! complete risk free.
  • MULTIUSE: Aside from food, you can also put whatever you want inside such as buttons, crafts, and any other item you can think of!